Bsamim Productions is a leading music performance company that provides
 orchestras, vocal ensembles and musical teams to perform at weddings, concerts, bar/bat mitzvahs, and corporate events.

No. Bsamim was founded in December 1998 as a four-man vocal group. A few months later, the group expanded into a band of 6 musicians/singers. The band stayed this way for several years, performing concerts nationally to diverse audiences. Shows featured original tunes from Bsamim’s two albums as well as cover tunes from a multitude of genres.

As requests to perform weddings, dinners, and other special events kept pouring in, Bsamim expanded its repertoire and functionality, and recruited additional musicians and talents from the Broadway, Jewish and Pop musical circuits to join the team. As such, the Bsamim brand evolved from musical concert group to full-scale music performance company. Today, BSAMIM Productions contains various components, including the original Bsamim Band, Bsamim Orchestra, Bsamim Acapella, and other specialty groups and performers.

Bsamim is headquartered in New York City. Most bandleaders live in NY, NJ, CT and PA.

Yes. Bsamim Productions offers various music performance services and is the “one-stop-shop” for all your music entertainment needs. Make one call for an orchestra, sound recording company, DJ, string section, jazz trio, and a cappella group. If you are looking for additional entertainment services or big name music performer, we are happy to provide you with that service as well!

Yes. Based in NYC, BSAMIM caters to a plethora of event styles and enjoys the luxury of employing such diverse musical talents. Name your instrument! Bagpipe, tuba, banjo, steel drums, marimba, pan flute…

Absolutely. Bsamim provides customized musical entertainment most suitable for each function and plans accordingly. On the occasion that we don’t already know a tune, we learn and prepare it in advance. We ask for advanced notice for unusual requests to allow sufficient time to prepare.

One of our greatest sensitivities is volume control. Nice background music is just that and does not impose on guests’ enjoyment and discussions. Dance music is high energy but not painful to the ear. Our sound engineers keep the levels appropriate throughout an event. Please ask us about different sound packages and options.

Not unless specifically requested or necessary (speeches, ceremony). Otherwise, our orchestra plays continuously. Our musicians rotate their breaks during the background dinner music to esnsure there is always music being performed.

Yes. Our orchestra plays the entire affair and includes musicians who play both classical, jazz and all other genres requested for ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dance. We also have diverse array of section groups, including strings, brass, woodwinds, jazz, acapella etc…

Absolutely. We can provide you with lists of recommended songs for various purposes: wedding processions, first dances, candlelighting ceremonies, etc. Feel free to ask anyone on our staff for their thoughts as well.

Yes. BSAMIM Productions is based in New York City and performs most often in NY/NJ/CT. Our music groups travel often throughout the country to perform weddings, concerts, corporate dinners and special events. Consult a Bsamim representative to discuss the specifics of Bsamim traveling to your location.

For more formal events, Bsamim Orchestra generally wears tuxedoes, traditional black tie. On Shabbat, Bsamim A Cappella wears black suits, white shirts and Bsamim ties. Clients also have the option of having the band dress in non-traditional attire. Where relevant, Bsamim dresses casually or befitting for a themed party.

We prefer advanced bookings, particularly for holidays events and for Sunday evenings during wedding season, but last minute bookings are acceptable as well.

No. We work around the clock! Normal office hours here are 10AM-7PM, but we are here to help you last minute or whenever necessary, even during off hours.

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