Corporate & Organizational Events

Corporate & Organizational Events:
Looking to spice up your company’s function?  Bsamim provides a host of entertainment packages and options to enliven your banquet, dinner, fundraiser, or party.  Our performers showcase rich musical repertoire and magnetic personalities.  If you are looking for something more specific, ask about our specialty groups and ensembles.  Call and schedule a meeting with a Bsamim representative to plan your upcoming event.Customer Service & Planning: 
Bsamim’s emphasis on superior customer service is to ensure that your event vision and expectations are realized and exceeded.  We walk you through the process to help you make informed decisions.  We suggest event specific enhancements so the music fits the schedule, atmosphere and vision of the event.  We keep a close eye on all musical details so that you don’t have to. We realize there are special needs of various people in attendance so we interlace those differing musical needs and personal wants to assure your utmost satisfaction and the highest levels of professional quality.  With Bsamim, music is one part of your event planning that will be seamless and stress-free.Sound Quality and Volume 
Of primary concern to Bsamim is the sound quality and volume control throughout the affair.
The music will be stellar but non-obtrusive.  We provide different sound options within our package.Musical Groups Available:
    Bsamim Orchestra
Bsamim Acapella
Strings Section
Brass Quintet
Steel Band
Middle Eastern
    Bsamim DJs
Specialty InstrumentsMusical Styles & Genres:
Bsamim performs a comprehensive range of music styles. For a genre listing, click here .
To sample our music, please click here.